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Resolved- Brother Printer Offline

Brother printer offline is one of the common problems that is confronted by a number of users. Your printer seems to be working good but appears offline on your PC even it is connected with an internet connection. Moreover, due to an outdated firmware, SNMP settings, third-party software is some responsible reason behind the issue.

Here we have listed down some different tricks reliable for this particular issue. So, let's start the discussion.

What Will You Do?

If you are also seeking help regarding Brother Printer Offline Windows 10 issue then this is the right place you have chosen. Have a look at the solutions given below.

Set as Your Default Printer

First of all, press the windows and R simultaneously on your keyboard to launch the dialog box. Click on it and type “control”. Hit the Enter button and choose Devices and Printers option from the list. Now, click on Printer. Then, choose “Set as default printer” by right-clicking on it. Once done, restart your Brother printer and check the status of the error.


Set IP Address 

At first, launch the “My Computer” option and tap on the Network tab. In this section choose your printer name and select it by double-clicking. It might install the latest firmware. Once the installation gets over, tap on the Network tab once and choose Wireless. Here some information will be displayed on the screen. Copy the information from here. Now, hold the Windows and R and launch the Dialog box once.

Now, click on Control Panel and choose  “Devices and Printers”. Then click on “Add a printer” and then choose “IP Address or hostname” option. Here you should paste the information and tap on Next. check if the solution is workable or not.

Remove Antivirus and Third-party Software

Third-party software and antivirus software adds an extra layer on the Windows firewall and check all the outgoing and incoming data. It might cause the printer offline issue. Hence, strive to disable the application from your device. First, disable that application. But if the issue still stays on then delete them from your device.

Additional Solution

Check the network connection as well. If you are connected with a bad internet then it is pretty possible that this issue may hamper your work.

Final Words

We hope you will surely fix Brother printer offline on Windows 10 issue by implementing the solutions. For further more details contact us via call or chat option.

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